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How can I find a lender?

If you have already found out what is a payday loan and how it works, you should look for companies offering cash and compare information about their terms and interest rates. Consult the available information on credits in your country to apply with a legally licensed lender.

Available loan information is different by each lender. Terms and conditions vary depending on the type of a loan, amount of money to be borrowed and interest rate. Information is not equal to the information on in-store. The sum of money you can borrow depends on the legislation of the lender’s state. Credit interest rates by state are also different.

Some lenders let the borrowers choose the period when they can pay the money back, but usually they are to return the loan until the next payday. On the certain day, the money borrowed and the costs of interest will be taken from the bank account even in case the borrower needs to pay some other important bills. That is why we strongly recommend you to take credita only if you are sure that you can repay your payday loans in time.