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real payday loan sitesHave you had that it is difficult to find real payday loan sites with a good reputation? Do you take the view that only some of hundreds of lending companies are legit sites? Unlike loans brokers and matching services, we are a direct lender.

If you are looking for a site with online real payday loans, you have found it with Being a direct payday loans lender, we can adjust your loan terms to your needs, and there is fully clear information about how much you will pay back and when. Generally, when people apply for the first time they can borrow between $100 and $500 for a one-month period. Further, terms and conditions can be changed.

Unlike brokers, we are a legitimate company which offers online payday loans. Moreover, it allows us to evaluate your application as quickly as possible and give you a decision. If you are approved, you can get money the same day or tomorrow at the latest. This is one of the main facts which proves that the company is a real lender and your payday loan is secured. Another criterion is that legitimate companies have their own sites with easy and clear online application forms.

It is extremely important to go to only actual payday loan sites to get valid information and protect your personal details and money. Ideally, all direct real lenders are licensed by the state where they are located and follow all rules and regulations of the government. That is why submitting personal details to a real payday loan site is safe and borrowers can be sure that nothing will be sold to spammers. So, if you are looking for a legitimate payday loan, examine our website.

Why to choose us for a payday loan?

  • we are a direct payday lender online
  • we give all the information you need in advance – cost, term, conditions
  • 24/7 customer support service

We take care of our clients, and there are steps below explaining how to avoid payday loan frauds.

  • 1. Apply to companies with a license.

Businesses that offer payday loans must apply to government institutions for a license. It certifies them as legitimate payday lenders. Certified businesses comply with state laws and it keeps them from cancelling loans. In other words, you are more protected with real lenders than with shady loan services. Usually unlicensed lenders operate from outside the country and borrowing money from them is very dangerous.

  • 2. Check for hidden fees.

Many false companies charge unsuspecting customers with additional fees. To avoid this, read the terms of the agreement before signing and check the rate per $100. Most states regulate the maximum amount of the fee per $100 and it allows you to check whether you are paying more than you should or not.

  • 3. Do not send any money in advance.

Another sign that you are dealing with a disreputable service is a request for an advanced payment like covering application cost or taxes. Real payday loan lenders collect fees when you pay the loan back.

  • 4. Establish a contact with the lender.

Make sure you can contact a representative of the service. What you have to do is to contact them by phone or talk in person. Check contact information on the website and make sure there is a physical address of the company. It confirms that a company is based in the USA.

  • 5. See the ratings.

Check the Better Business Bureau database, which contains information on the companies. There you can see whether a company has any violations or customer complaints, how those complaints have been handled. Moreover, you can compare a chosen company with others in the industry by its rating of overall performance. If you cannot find a company in the database, it might be that it is not registered in the USA.

Which is the best site to get a payday loan?

Usually direct payday loan lenders have the best payday loan sites. This is explained by the fact that licensed direct lenders make a decision about approval themselves and they will never violate the state laws which prohibit selling any information to marketers or aggregators.

If you still hesitate which payday loans offers are the best, look through our web page and get more evidence that we have the best payday loans. Being a licensed lender, we can approve a loan instantly and send money directly to the borrower’s bank account.

Loans is a very convenient way of getting cash quickly for a short period. However, it is important not to lose a common sense. False companies and dishonest people are constantly trying to get you money stolen. If you are considering a credit, keep away from swindles.

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