About Us

Betterpaydayloansonline.com is one of the best payday loan sites because we offer fair conditions on the loans and have no hidden fees, no postponements, competitive interest rates, full information about the application process.

We keep all clients’ information safe and it makes us the best place where people can go to get a loan online. As a direct lender, we don’t send anything to third parties and we highly appreciate your trust and private details.

Transparency means that you can easily find information on a payday loan site regarding the following: how much the loan costs, what happens if the borrower needs more time for repayment. We can give understandable answers to these questions, this site can be considered one of the safest.

What Benefits You Will Get

  • Our fast service gives you a very attractive opportunity to get money the same day you make an application. After our approval, the sum will be transferred into your bank account, which is stated in your application. Our professional specialists are ready to approve your application as soon as possible and we are proud to be one of the lenders in the USA of payday loans, just read reviews of our clients. You have no need to go to a bank and discuss with manager terms and conditions of different types of loans.
  • From the reviews about our work, you can see, that we do not demand any credit checks for payday loans. You can get a loan even if you have bad credit. We are not interested in paying a lot of our attention to your credit history. Our role is to help you solve all your financial problems in a short period.
  • Rates for payday loans are one of our main advantages. We try to provide you with funds using the most profitable rates. You will hardly find such a quick lender as we are. You will get our approval in a few moments after making an application. Take into consideration the fact, that if you pay the loan back on time, we will be glad to lend you money again when you need. We respect our clients and are always ready to help.
  • All the information you give us is private and we can ensure you that it will be secured with the help of modern technologies. It plays no role from where you want to make an application to get funds needed. Nowadays almost in every place of the world, there is Internet access. It means that you can apply for a loan 24/7 without any problem.

Why to Choose Us for a Payday Loan?

  • we are a direct payday lender online
  • we give all the information you need in advance – cost, term, conditions
  • 24/7 customer support service

We take care of our clients, and there are steps below explaining how to avoid payday loan frauds.

#1 Apply to Companies with a License

Businesses that offer payday loans must apply to government institutions for a license. It certifies them as legitimate payday lenders. Certified businesses comply with state laws and it keeps them from canceling loans. In other words, you are more protected with real lenders than with shady loan services. Usually, unlicensed lenders operate from outside the country and borrowing money from them is very dangerous.

#2 Check for Hidden Fees

Many false companies charge unsuspecting customers with additional fees. To avoid this, read the terms of the agreement before signing and check the rate per $100. Most states regulate the maximum amount of the fee per $100 and it allows you to check whether you are paying more than you should or not.

#3 Do Not Send any Money in Advance

Another sign that you are dealing with a disreputable service is a request for an advanced payment like covering application costs or taxes. Real payday loan lenders collect fees when you pay the loan back.

Establish Contact with the Lender

Make sure you can contact a representative of the service. What you have to do is to contact them by phone or talk in person. Check contact information on the website and make sure there is a physical address of the company. It confirms that a company is based in the USA.

#5 See the Ratings

Check the Better Business Bureau database, which contains information on the companies. There you can see whether a company has any violations or customer complaints, how those complaints have been handled. Moreover, you can compare a chosen company with others in the industry by its rating of overall performance. If you cannot find a company in the database, it might be that it is not registered in the USA.

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